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New Revolution 500 EVO
The Next Chapter Revolution 500 EVO

The Evolution of the Concept.

Building upon the success of the 427 & 500SC, Revolution's dedicated team of passionate racers and skilled engineers is thrilled to unveil the latest evolution in the 500SC series: the Revolution 500 EVO

The Concept

In the ever-evolving realm of motorsport, a noticeable rift has emerged between top-tier series with a 'cost no object' philosophy and the amateur level motorsport enthusiasts. The former pushes technology to unprecedented levels, often leaving the latter and manufacturers lagging behind. Revolution Race Cars has taken up the challenge to bridge this gap. Our mission is to bring cutting-edge technology and the very highest safety standards within reach of the broader motorsport community, ensuring that innovation is not confined to the elite.

The Revolution is a lightweight sports car that packs a punch up to 500bhp from its dry-sump Ford V6 engine. Proven reliability is a key component within this package. Its performance is matched with some of the lowest running costs, with up to 10,000km or 100 hours between rebuilds. Fitted with a unique exhaust system and fine engine tuning it also comes with ultra-sharp throttle response and a brilliant soundtrack. It is mated to a 3MO 6-speed gearbox utilising WRC technology to again provide reliability and ease of use. It’s easy-to-maintain, cost-effective to run and has accessible handling and performance. It can be enjoyed and exploited by all levels of driver, from those wishing to enjoy track-days, to those on a career path to Le Mans. We are not challenging the status quo, we are re-defining it!

"The revolutionary concept is in every detail"

Revolution Race Car 500SC
Rob Kamphues Totally Hooked
"I am totally hooked, it is one of my favourite cars. Comparable lap times to LMP3 but way cheaper, it is a fantastic car. If you drive GT cars, you can drive a Revolution. They are very drivable"
The Revolution Range
The Revolution Car Range

The Revolution is a quality product, designed and built by experts in their field. Find out more about the range of models, configurable options available to you and the worldwide certfied dealer network ready to support you every step of the way.

Revolution Racing & Testing - race start
Racing & Testing

Find out information on the worldwide selection of race series open to Revolution owners or racers that wish to simply arrive and drive. The Sports Prototype Cup race series offers prototype racers the opportunity to race at current F1 circuits.

Revolution Showroom Range
Revolution Showroom

See what Revolution Race cars, new or used, are available right now from Revolution UK or the certfied dealer network.

Revolution Dealer Portal
Dealer & Owner Portal

The Revolution dealer and owner portal is a rich database of information for the worldwide network of certified dealers and race car owners. Login to access the latest workshop manuals, technical bulletins, price lists, order forms and more.


Unit 2, Frankland Commerce Park, Harrier Way, Yaxley, Peterborough, PE7 3NN


07713 391 954


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