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Revolution 500SC

A-One 500SC

BHP : 

BHP/tonne : 

Ft lb torque : 

Weight : 

Aero : 

Top Speed : 

100 - 200 km/h :





3:7 efficiency 



Price : Starting at £165k

Revolution 427

A-One 427

BHP :                    

BHP/tonne :         

Ft lb torque :        

Weight :                

Aero :                    

Top Speed :         

100 - 200 km/h :  





3:7 efficiency 



Price : Starting at £151k

The first truly affordable sports racer with a carbon safety cell and cutting-edge technology

Ford-based V6 3.7 litre unit

Developed from a Ford-based V6 3.7 litre unit, the Revolution A-One engine has proven reliability to match its high-end performance.

Tuned and prepared for high-energy track work, the power unit is of the many highlights of this car, with a large torque spread and an epic soundtrack. It also has the reliability, easy servicing and long refresh intervals.

Revolution V6 Engine
Revolution Double Halo

Double-halo : another first by Revolution

Exceeding FIA standards, the double-halo head protection is inspired by that mandated in Formula One.

Drivability has always been a top priority

Unmatched aerodynamic performance is achieved through the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

As a result accessible handling and performance can be exploited by all levels of driver.

The cars produce more downforce than anything else in its price bracket whilst remaining balanced in all driving situations.

Watch how CFD is used in the design process and then how this translates into downforce on the track via the 3rd element video - you will see as the car increases speed the 3rd element of the suspension is being compressed as the car is being forced lower to the ground.

LMP technology and safety to national motorsport

Quality product, quality service

Built by experts in each field, from composites to machining.

Supported and maintained by approved partners world-wide with a unique and personal service.


Tested and developed by leading industry experts, TotalSim.

The Revolution was created using advanced simulation tools to generate more downforce than any rival, with a stable centre of aero pressure, delivering a dependable, consistent handling and feel.


Clever design reduces the number of components, driving down manufacturing costs and lead time.

Resultantly parts supply & maintenance at the racetrack is optimised.

Advance design

Designed from the driver’s seat outwards, with driving pleasure and control as the number one priority.

Safety & durability

With the use of modern Finite Element Analysis (F.E.A.) and testing tools previously only used in Formula 1 and elite level 24-hour racing, all components are tested to loads more extreme than they will ever face on the racetrack.

Proven reliability is a key component.

British designed & manufactured

All race cars are designed and manufactured from the British based purpose-built Peterborough headquarters.

The Revolution team are experts in their field, unrivalled by other small manufacturers.

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