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Revolution Race Cars: Global "Arrive and Drive" Services

Updated: Feb 29

Revolution Race Cars, a leading name in the world of prototype racing, offers an extensive network of arrive and drive services (see proposals at the bottom of this page). Racing enthusiasts looking to conquer the most prestigious circuits in Europe, the USA, and Canada need look no further, as Revolution and its certified race teams provide an unparalleled racing adventure.

Crème de la crème of European circuits

In the heart of Europe, the Revolution Factory and the esteemed 24-7 Motorsport and Revolution Germany Motorsport, both factory-certified race teams, offer comprehensive packages of "Arrive and Drive" services within the Sports Prototype Cup. This championship is a showcase of the crème de la crème of European circuits, offering an unforgettable racing experience that combines sprint and endurance races, diverse formats, and options for solo and two-driver entries.

USA Adventure with Classic Car Club

Crossing the Atlantic Classic Car Club and Esses Racing provide “Arrive and Drive” services. Our certified race teams in North America invite racing enthusiasts to partake in the adrenaline-pumping Revolution Cup, nestled within the prestigious Prototype Sprint Series Association (PSSA). PSSA is dedicated to delivering the thrill of prototype race cars in an exhilarating sprint race format at iconic road courses. The 2024 season promises heightened excitement with the introduction of East, West, and Constructor's Championships, along with new venues to intensify the competition.

There are big prizes on offer too. Each of the PSSA East and PSSA West Champions will be awarded a $10,000 prize and the overall National Champion will be awarded a limited-edition Bell Racing gold helmet. In addition, the victor of the Revolution Cup has the enticing option to exchange their championship-winning car for a brand-new Revolution 500 EVO!


Canadian Challenge with Rilli Racing

Up north, Rilli Racing steps into the spotlight in Canada, offering "Arrive and Drive" services in the Formula Prototype Challenge Canada (FPCC). Developed by racers for racers, FPCC aims to foster a competitive race grid in Canada, catering to both amateur racers and serving as a gateway for aspiring young talents eyeing a career in professional motorsport.

White-Glove Experience Worldwide

Revolution's "Arrive and Drive" services promise a white-glove experience, where enthusiasts simply arrive, and the dedicated team prepares and preps their racing machines on a rental basis. This comprehensive service includes data analysis and expert driver coaching, ensuring that every driver can not only enjoy but enhance their driving skills behind the wheel of a Revolution race car.

Global Showdown at Watkins Glen

To add a dash of spice to the worldwide competition, The Sports Prototype Cup, Revolution Cup, and Formula Prototype Challenge Canada converge at Watkins Glen for an invitational round. This unique event brings together the best from Europe, the USA, and Canada, promising a thrilling showdown on the same grid.

Shared Passion Worldwide

Whether it's Europe, the USA, or Canada, the camaraderie in the paddock with Revolution teams, drivers, customers, and fans is second to none. It's all about embracing the shared passion for race car culture.

Arrive and Drive Services

To delve deeper into the exhilarating "Arrive and Drive" offerings across the globe, click on the links below and embark on a journey into the heart of motorsports:


Then enquire via the form at the bottom of the arrive and drive page if you are interested in racing with Revolution. 



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