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Esses Racing

Esses Racing, founded in late 2019 by a core group of motorsport professionals with experience in NASCAR, IndyCar, IMSA, and Formula 1, provides a premium racing service from the gentleman driver to the young professional racer.

Since inception, Esses is no stranger to competition and has been competing in sport racer championships, where the team is constantly on the top step of the podium.

The shop is located in Buda, TX and is 15 miles south of the famed Circuit of the Americas and 12 miles north of Harris Hill Raceway. Esses Racing offers these key services:

-Track Day and Race Support
-Driver Development and Coaching
-High Performance and Race Car Maintenance, Modification, Tuning
-Engine Computer Maintenance and Repair


South West USA


1481 Robert S Light Blvd
Bldg D
Buda, TX 78610


+1 (713) 614 9000

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