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Revolution dominate testing at Sebring Winterfest

Leading up to the 2024 season, Revolution Race Cars were out in force at this year's Sebring Winterfest, with Rilli Racing fielding four cars and Classic Car Club (CCC) running three.

In a noteworthy display of dedication, Rilli Racing braved a two-day journey through a winter storm to reach the event, overcoming even a state-wide travel ban at certain points during their expedition.

In an equally impressive feat, CCC were travelling to Sebring off the back of doing 460km of testing at Homestead-Miami Speedway, where 11 drivers and 3 instructors put the cars through their paces. Conducting 460 kilometres of testing at Homestead before heading to Sebring demonstrates the impressive reliability experienced by Revolution owners.

Rilli Racing participated in the event to conduct tests in preparation for the Formula Prototype Challenge Canada, while CCC focused on gearing up for their season in the Revolution Cup North America.

Over the course of four days, the seven Revolution race cars covered extensive miles on the track.

The Rilli Racing line-up featured:

  • Alan Shaw, the reigning FPCC champion

  • Jonathan Labbee, a regular contender in the FPCC series

  • Bill Zinger, who recently imported the first 500SC into Canada

  • Elvis Stojko, Olympian and World Champion, poised for a full season of prototype racing

  • Leading the pack, in a 427, was professional racer Bruno St Jacques, setting the pace for all to follow. Recording a 2.05 in a 427!!

Notably, Bill Zinger showcased impressive talent in his inaugural outing with the 500SC, quickly catching up with experienced drivers by the end of his second day on the track.

Team principal Steffen Rilli and driver Jonathan Labbee also marked their birthdays amidst the Winterfest festivities. What better way to celebrate than by piloting Revolution Race Cars around the iconic Sebring circuit?

Whilst CCC ran three drivers at Sebring, with promising young driver Erik Pylypchuk tasting a Revolution for the first time.

See Sebring from behind the wheel with Erik at the controls:...

Revolution Cup North America

The Revolution Cup is a championship within the Prototype Sprint Series Association (PSSA). The PSSA is dedicated to showcasing prototype race cars in an exhilarating sprint race format. These races take place at some of the most iconic road courses in America.

The 2024 season promises even more action with the introduction of East, West, and Constructor's Championships, as well as the inclusion of new venues that will further elevate the competition.

There are big prizes on offer too. Each of the PSSA East and PSSA West Champions will be awarded a $10,000 prize and the overall National Champion will be awarded a limited-edition Bell Racing gold helmet. In addition, the victor of the Revolution Cup has the enticing option to exchange their championship-winning car for a brand-new Revolution 500 EVO!

Formula Prototype Challenge Canada (FPCC)

FPCC is designed to host prototype race cars in a sprint race format at some of the most iconic road courses in Canada and America.

FPCC was developed by racers for racers. Thier objective is to build a competitive race grid in Canada that is both fast and safe, accommodating amateur racers as well as acting as a gateway for young talent interested in pursuing a career in professional motorsport. 

Through the support of their partners, they are able to keep the series entrance fees low while maintaining a fun and exciting environment. The introduction of a minimum qualifying lap time ensures a fast and safe racing grid.

Currently early bird registration is open. $710 entry fee per event if full season is booked now.

Sebring International Race Way

The Sebring International Raceway is a famous motorsport racing track located near Sebring, Florida, USA. Here are some key details about the Sebring Raceway:

  1. History: The Sebring Raceway has a rich history and is one of the oldest continuously operating race tracks in the United States. It opened in 1950 and has hosted numerous prestigious races over the years.

  2. Layout: The track features a 3.74-mile (6.02 km) road course with 17 turns. The layout includes a combination of long straights, hairpin turns, and challenging corners, making it a demanding circuit for drivers.

  3. Surface: The track surface is known for its rough and bumpy nature, as it was originally constructed on an old World War II airbase. This characteristic adds an extra challenge for both drivers and their vehicles.

  4. 24 Hours of Sebring: One of the most famous events held at the Sebring International Raceway is the annual "12 Hours of Sebring," a sports car endurance race. It is part of the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship and has been a staple in sports car racing since its inception in 1952.

  5. Facilities: The raceway includes various facilities, such as pit areas, spectator stands, and camping areas for fans. The track's location in central Florida provides a warm climate, making it a popular destination for both racing teams and fans.

  6. Renovations: Over the years, the Sebring Raceway has undergone renovations and improvements to enhance safety and accommodate modern racing standards while preserving its historic character.

  7. Other Events: In addition to the 12 Hours of Sebring, the track hosts various other racing events, including vintage car races, club events, and other endurance races.

The Sebring International Raceway holds a special place in the world of motorsports and continues to attract racing enthusiasts from around the globe. Its challenging layout and historic significance make it a favourite among both drivers and fans alike.



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