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Dominance and Drama: Revolution 500SC at FARA Miami 500

This past weekend at the Homestead Speedway witnessed an exhilarating display of speed, dominance, and unexpected twists in the FARA Miami 500, as Marc Russell and Marco Cencetti showcased their prowess in their Revolution 500SC run by Classic Car Club. While the team fell short of a clean sweep, their remarkable performance left an indelible mark on the racing circuit.


Qualifying Triumph:

In the qualifying rounds, the Revolution 500SC exhibited sheer speed, outclassing competitors such as the Wolf GB08 driven by Manny Sanchez and the Praga R1T driven by Martin Bruhat. The 500SC secured its pole position, finishing 3.5 seconds ahead of its closest rival, setting the stage for an action-packed weekend.


Sprint Races:

The Sprint 1 race saw the Revolution 500SC finishing nearly a minute ahead of the field, continuing on the impressive paced seen in FP1 that saw Cencetti setting the fastest lap of the weekend, clocking an impressive 123.2 seconds. Sprint 2, however, brought unexpected challenges as confusion on the formation lap led to a start infringement, resulting in the disqualification of five cars, including the Revolution. Despite this setback, Sprint 3 marked a triumphant return for the Revolution team, securing another dominant victory.


Endurance Trial:

The endurance race, however, brought forth unforeseen hurdles for Russell and Cencetti. Despite leading for a significant portion of the first stint, slow refuelling and a communication error pushed the team two laps down. The duo's only hope for victory lay in unlapping themselves and strategically waiting for a full-course caution. Cencetti got it done unlapping himself with 20 minutes to go and their patience paid off when a full-course caution emerged with just 12 minutes left.


The Final Lap Drama:

With two cars off the track and an extended clean-up, a single flying lap remained in the Enduro race to determine the race's outcome. Although victory eluded them, Cencetti put on a breath-taking display, passing an astonishing 9 of the 11 cars ahead in a single lap to secure a commendable 2nd place overall finish.


Reliability Showcase:

Beyond the thrilling performance and unexpected turns, the Revolution 500SC demonstrated unparalleled reliability, enduring nearly 6 hours on track throughout the weekend without a single issue. This impressive feat speaks volumes about the engineering and craftsmanship behind the Revolution 500SC, solidifying its status as a force to be reckoned with in the world of prototype racing.



The FARA Miami 500 showcased the Revolutions 500SC's exceptional speed, resilience, and the team's ability to navigate challenges with finesse. While the clean sweep eluded them, Marc Russell and Marco Cencetti's performance, coupled with the Revolution's reliability, has undoubtedly left an enduring impact on the racing community in Florida. The Homestead Speedway will long remember the weekend that saw the debut of the Revolution 500SC at the speedway.

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