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2024 Sports Prototype Cup Unveils Expanded Calendar with Europe's Premier Circuits

In an exciting announcement, the Sports Prototype Cup has unveiled its highly anticipated 2024 calendar, featuring an expanded season that promises an unparalleled racing experience. The Cup, now in its sixth season, is set to elevate its status by expanding to six weekends with sixteen individual races, ensuring a showcase of the crème de la crème of European circuits. This season offers participants a perfect blend of sprint and endurance races, providing ample track time and introducing varied formats, including options for both solo and two-driver entries.

Key Highlights of the 2024 Sports Prototype Cup:

1. Iconic Tracks and International Collaborations:

Building on its successful collaboration model, the Cup has transcended its UK origins to become an international sensation. The 2024 calendar showcases the pinnacle of European circuits, offering participants the opportunity to race on world championship-level tracks alongside well-established local championships in other countries.

2. Dual Formats for Drivers, with a mixture of Sprint and Endurance races

Embracing versatility, the Cup will offer both two-driver and solo formats, allowing teams and individual drivers to choose their preferred style of competition. This flexibility is designed to cater to a broad range of participants and enhance the overall racing spectacle. In the upcoming season, competitors can expect an ideal mix of sprint and endurance races, ensuring generous track exposure and presenting diverse formats.

3. Dutch Delight:

In a significant development, the Cup has partnered with the V-Max group to expand its footprint in the Netherlands. Events at Zandvoort and the renowned Assen MotoGP circuit have been added to the calendar, providing a fresh challenge for drivers on these high-speed tracks.

4. Spa and Le Mans Return:

Responding to the success of the 2023 events, Spa and Le Mans make a triumphant return to the 2024 calendar. These iconic tracks will host thrilling races, including a triple-header season closer at Le Mans, promising excitement for drivers and fans alike.

5. USA v Europe Challenge:

Strengthening ties across the Atlantic with the Sports Prototype Cup North America, the Cup will feature an additional invitational USA v Europe Challenge at the legendary Watkins Glen circuit in New York state. European drivers will have the opportunity to join their North American counterparts in this unique non championship scoring showdown.

6. Revitalised Class Structure:

The Revolution Trophy returns with all variants of the carbon-fibre, high-downforce prototype eligible, from the normally-aspirated 427 to the supercharged 500SC.

Revolution will be offering a premium arrive and drive race hire service at all events. This is one of the easiest ways of racing on Europe’s greatest circuits with first-class technical and coaching support. For more information visit:

Or review an arrive and drive proposal for the full SPC 2024 season:

Or alternatively, come and see us in person at the Autosport International 2024 show, 11-14th Jan, NEC Birmingham, on our stand number 3A704.

7. Free Entry Costs !

Revolution’s commitment to the Cup extends to their purchase package. When drivers purchase a Revolution, whether it's brand new or used, Revolution covers the entry costs to the 2024 Cup.

8. An International License is not necessary

An International Race License is not a prerequisite for participation. The events adhere to the local sporting regulations of the SPC partner championships in each country. The Cup welcomes both National and International license holders to join and compete in its thrilling races.

As the Sports Prototype Cup continues to evolve and push boundaries, the 2024 season promises to be a spectacle of speed, competition, and international camaraderie. Motorsport enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the first race of the season, where lightweight prototypes will once again take centre stage on some of the world's most iconic tracks.



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