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Wicked Media : Track day at Apex Motor Club

Our friends at Wicked Media, captured the recent action at Apex Motor Club this week:-

Kyle Greenough, from Washington USA, is the man behind Wicked Media. Kyle has been photographing for 8+ years, but only the last 3 years have been documented on his Instagram wickedmedia_. Kyle started off back in high school going to the local cars and coffee meets taking pictures and editing them for fun. Sooner than later, he had friends and family start to pay for photoshoots.

Recently, Kyle moved from Washington down to Arizona, and his customer base expanded super quick. Now he works as a social media manager for a company in Scottsdale.

He is a friend of Revolution often capturing the action on track, which I am sure we all appreciate. This weeks photos are from a "Fast Lane Drive" event at Apex Motor Club. Let me us know what you think of them.

Interested in driving a Revolution, then click an option below to find out how:-

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