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Unveiling the Marvel of a Time-Lapse Car Build


In the realm of high-performance race cars, the Revolution stands as a testament to innovation, safety, and cutting-edge technology. Witnessing the birth of such a marvel is a captivating experience, and through a mesmerizing time-lapse, one can delve into the journey from the inception of the FIA-approved carbon safety cell to the completion of the fully-fledged race car. This video takes you on a thrilling visual voyage, highlighting the meticulous craftsmanship and advanced features that make the Revolution a powerhouse in its class.

Further detail is below on what you have just witnessed!.....

The Concept:

In the ever-evolving realm of motorsport, a noticeable rift has emerged between top-tier series with a 'cost no object' philosophy and the amateur level motorsport enthusiasts. The former pushes technology to unprecedented levels, often leaving the latter and manufacturers lagging behind. Revolution Race Cars has taken up the challenge to bridge this gap. Their mission is to bring cutting-edge technology and the very highest safety standards within reach of the broader motorsport community, ensuring that innovation is not confined to the elite.


The Foundation - FIA Approved Carbon Safety Cell

The heart of the Revolution lies in its FIA-approved carbon safety cell. Explore the intricacies of this critical component that forms the backbone of the car.  


Fusion of Power and Precision - Ford V6, Supercharger, and 3MO Sequential Box

A highlight of the time-lapse reveals the mesmerising moment when the Ford V6 engine is intricately mated with its new supercharger and the cutting-edge 6-speed 3MO sequential gearbox. Delve into the marriage of power and precision, witnessing the birth of a symphony that propels the Revolution into the league of high-performance race cars.


Carbon Mastery - Crashbox, Wings, Safety Cell, Bodywork, and Floor

The aesthetic allure of the Revolution is not merely skin-deep. Explore the assembly of the full carbon crashbox, wings, bodywork, and floor, witnessing the marriage of form and function. See how the use of carbon contributes not only to the car's visual appeal but also to its strength and stiffness, setting new benchmarks in its class.


Innovative Safety - The Double Halo

A revolutionary feature introduced by Revolution Race Cars, the double halo takes center stage. See how this innovative design, integrated with the roll hoop and safety cell, enhances the overall safety profile of the Revolution. This breakthrough underscores the commitment to pushing boundaries and setting new standards in motorsport safety.



The time-lapse journey from the inception of the Revolution to its completion is a mesmerizing spectacle that showcases the fusion of safety, power, and innovation. The marriage of the FIA-approved carbon safety cell, Ford V6 engine, supercharger, 3MO sequential box, and carbon components creates a race car that not only looks spectacular but also stands as a testament to engineering excellence. The Revolution emerges as a symbol of what happens when cutting-edge technology meets a passion for pushing the limits of performance and safety in the world of motorsports.



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