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Thunderhill SpeedTour kicks off the Revolution Cup On the West Coast

This weekend marks the kickoff of the Revolution Cup at Thunderhill Raceway Park, serving as the inaugural event for 2024. The Revolution Cup is a championship within the Prototype Sprint Series Association (PSSA). The 2024 season introduces the East, West, and Constructor's Championships, along with the inclusion of new venues, promising to raise the level of competition.

Renowned contenders driving for Revolution in the West Coast Championship include the returning champion Ron Fletcher, alongside seasoned series regulars Chris Hinojosa and Doug Ramirez. The PSSA boasts a diverse prototype grid this weekend, with ~20 cars registered, ensuring a thrilling spectacle for fans.


The action-packed weekend at Thunderhill Raceway Park is as follows:


Friday, 1st:

  • Free practice

Saturday, 2nd:

  • Free practice

  • Qualifying

  • Sprint Race 1

  • Enduro Race

Sunday, 3rd:

  • Qualifying

  • Sprint Race 2

Ahead of this weekends opening round, the SpeedTour quarterly magazine took a look back on the final round of the 2023 season:


Here are some key points about Thunderhill Raceway:

  • Track Layouts: Thunderhill Raceway features multiple track layouts, with the longest being a 5-mile course. The track configurations include Thunderhill East, Thunderhill West, and the full Thunderhill Raceway course. Each layout provides a unique driving experience and challenges for motorsports enthusiasts.

  • Facilities: The raceway has facilities to accommodate various motorsports events, including club racing, high-performance driver education (HPDE), motorcycle racing, karting, and more. There are paddock areas for teams to set up, as well as amenities such as pit garages, restrooms, and spectator areas.

  • Events: Thunderhill Raceway hosts a wide range of events throughout the year, catering to different motorsports disciplines. This includes sports car racing, motorcycle racing, drifting competitions, and track days for enthusiasts to bring their own vehicles.

  • 25 Hours of Thunderhill: One of the notable events held at Thunderhill Raceway is the "25 Hours of Thunderhill," an endurance race that takes place annually. This race attracts teams from different parts of the country and features a variety of cars competing in a 25-hour format.

  • Driving Schools: Thunderhill Raceway offers driving schools and high-performance driver education programs for individuals looking to improve their racing skills. These programs often provide instruction on racing techniques, safety, and vehicle dynamics.

  • Upgrades and Developments: Over the years, Thunderhill Raceway has undergone improvements and expansions to enhance the overall racing experience for participants and spectators. This may include improvements to the track surface, safety features, and amenities.



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