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But just how fast was the 500 EVO at Zandvoort?

The Revolution 500 EVO made its long-awaited race debut at Zandvoort as part of its planned development program and secured pole position and winning on its debut.


But just how fast was it?

Well, in SPC qualifying, the following times were recorded:

  • The 500 EVO secured pole with a time of 1:35.143.

  • In second place, behind the 500SC driven by professional driver Peter Elkmann, there was a gap of 2.547 seconds. Elkmann, a German professional, is very familiar with Zandvoort and had tested the 500SC before this weekend, making his time highly competitive.

  • The closest non-Revolution vehicle in qualifying was the Radical SR10 of Jim Booth, trailing by 6.366 seconds.

But how did these times compare to other qualifying sessions at Zandvoort on the same day?

  • The 500 EVO posted the fastest time of the weekend overall.

  • In the Dutch Supercar qualifying session held on the same day:

    • A Ligier JS P3 LMP3 achieved a time of 1:36.385, 1.242 seconds slower than the 500 EVO.

    • The fastest GT3, a BMW M6 GT3, secured a time of 1:38.305, trailing by 3.162 seconds.

Clearly, the one-lap pace of the Revolution 500 EVO is unquestionably impressive. Moreover, what also stood out in the races was the consistency of pace from the first lap to the final lap. Examples of this included:

  • James Abbott securing his fastest race lap on the 15th lap!

  • Nigel Redwood setting his fastest race lap on the very last lap of the race weekend, using a set of tires that had already covered over 250km.

Curious to see what a 1:35.143 lap looks like? Well, it looks absolutely blazing fast! Watch below...

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