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"Totally Hooked" says F1 TV host Rob Kamphues

Amateur racer and Dutch Formula One host for Dutch television gives us his thoughts on driving a Revolution, and confesses to an addiction!

Robertus George 'Rob' Kamphues is a Dutch comedian, TV presenter and motor racer. His experience in a race car clearly puts Rob in a position of authority on the subject of fast cars!

All his life Rob Kamphues has dreamt of becoming a Formula 1 driver. He made several attempts to achieve that goal and at the age of sixty was persuaded to make his debut among the young pros at Le Mans.

His job at ZiggoSport eventually brought him to Formula 1, albeit not as a driver but as a presenter. With former drivers Robert Doornbos and Tom Coronel the trio make up the broadcast team for F1 on Dutch TV.

His book, "Dream on Wheels" is a collection of stories from his first visit to the Zandvoort circuit to his very first test in a Formula 1 car. Rob Kamphues is both a writer of fiction and non-fiction. Dream on Wheels is his sixth book.

Having driven both F1 and Le Mans cars, its interesting to hear what Rob thinks of the Revolutions!

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