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@shotbyiz : Race weekend at Silverstone

Revolution Race Cars are always keen to support and promote photographers who are trying to make a career in motorsports photography. In addition, we are always appreciative of the content they typically share on social channels demonstrating our cars in action.

A great example of this is Izzie Fitzgerald who photographed Richard Morris and Revolution Race Cars in the Sports Prototype Cup at Silverstone this May.

Izzie also known as @shotbyiz on Instagram, fully submerged herself into the team environment during the race weekend. This allowed her to capture candid moments of the mechanics and drivers as well as photographing visitors from the Racing Pride party.

Izzie has combined her two passions of motorsports and photography and is beginning to pursue a professional career in this sector, while continuing to study photography further at university. Her love of cars has always been present, but it grew after chatting with her dad about them during the pandemic.

These photos are from the Silverstone race weekend of the Sports Prototype Cup. Let us know what you think of them! We think they are great!



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