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The Grand Reveal: The 500 EVO

Building upon the success of the 427 & 500SC, Revolution's dedicated team of passionate racers and skilled engineers is thrilled to unveil the latest evolution in the 500SC series: the Revolution 500 EVO.


Our endeavours are driven by an unwavering commitment to deliver the very best on the starting line.  However, to maintain our leading position we understand the necessity of continually raising the bar.  This is the essence of our ethos:  Revolution stems from perpetual evolution!



Our pursuit extends beyond conventional boundaries, pushing the limits of technological innovation while maintaining cost-effectiveness.  Through tireless improvement efforts, we continuously explore new avenues to integrate elite-level technologies and materials into the club motorsport market.



Acknowledging the inherent risks of motorsport, Revolution's safety philosophy is starkly uncompromising.  Our carbon reinforced polymer safety cell, double halo, and crash structures undergo rigorous testing, surpassing even the stringent FIA crash test specifications.



Derived from two years of meticulous support and observation of 500SC dealers and customers worldwide, the 500 EVO model reflects a comprehensive understanding of how the car can be enhanced to elevate performance.  The EVO upgrades achieve the following:

  • Improved grip at lower speeds

  • Refined engine power delivery, and increased torque

  • Enhanced aerodynamics with less drag and more downforce

  • An enhanced driveline featuring a transmission with adjustable ratios

  • Externally-adjustable differential for ultimate traction

  • A targeted weight-saving initiative

The 500 EVO shaves off lap time compared to its predecessor, simultaneously enhancing reliability and consistency over longer race distances.

These advancements in performance are realised through a strategic combination of:

Weight Saving Program:

Implementing a targeted weight-saving initiative, enabling the minimum weight of 835kg to be maintained despite increases to gearbox and wheel/tyre package size.  The weight saving areas include:-

  • Engine bay "A" frame

  • Roll hoop

  • Halo

  • Tub / safety cell

  • Rear structure

  • Battery

  • Exhaust parts


New Spec Gearbox:

Introducing A cutting-edge gearbox with long / short ratios and preload adjustment on the differential, ensuring optimal power distribution for improved control.

Option to spec short and long gear ratios:-

  • Short ratio max speed is 263km/h @7500RPM

  • Long ratio max speed is 309km/h @7500RPM

  • Old gear ratio in 500SC max speed is 285km/h @7500RPM

Enhanced Wheel and Tyre Configuration:

Upsizing the wheels and tyres to amplify performance on the track.  Increased wheel diameter and tyre sizes offer heightened mechanical grip, improved load-handling characteristics, and a significantly expanded array of brand and compound options, providing greater flexibility and performance customisation.

  • Front: 8.5" × 17" (205/620 × 17)

  • Rear: 11" × 18" (285/660 × 18)


Consequently, the 500 EVO boasts a diverse selection of tyre manufactures including:

  • Goodyear (two compounds)

  • Pirelli (two compounds)

  • Michelin (two compounds)

  • Hankook (one compound)

Increased Brake Diameter:

Upgrading both front and rear brake systems to elevate stopping power and increase longevity:

  • Disc size increased to 320mm Ø front & rear for better front-to-rear weight distribution & commonality of components


Bodywork Adjustments:

Adapting the bodywork to seamlessly accommodate the augmented wheel and tire dimensions, ensuring a harmonious integration with the enhanced performance components. We have divided the front body section into three segments to enhance cost-effectiveness during panel replacement. This modification ensures that individual panel replacements can be performed more efficiently, minimising both time and expenses.

New suspension layout:

We have introduced a new suspension layout tailored to accommodate the latest gearbox.  Additionally, we've made enhancements to the front end, specifically modifying the mounting point of the third element to the rockers.  This adjustment aims to minimise friction, streamline the number of components, and simplify the adjustment process.


The dampers have undergone meticulous refinement, fine-tuned to align seamlessly with the distinct characteristics of the 500 EVO.  This optimisation process involves utilising advanced tools such as 5-post rig testing to allow for precise adjustments to suspension settings. Additionally, extensive track development has been undertaken to ensure that the dampers deliver optimal performance under real-world track driving conditions.

New Low-Drag High-Downforce Rear Wing, designed by Pete Watt:

Introducing an aerodynamically optimised rear wing design that artfully balances low-drag with high-downforce, thereby enhancing overall stability and traction during high-speed cornering.  This innovative design not only prioritises performance but also offers an expanded adjustment range, providing greater flexibility for fine-tuning and optimising the setup to meet diverse track conditions.

These meticulous enhancements collectively contribute to the overall evolution of the Revolution 500 EVO, delivering a superior driving experience marked by heightened speed, control, and aerodynamic efficiency.



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