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Revolution Launch The ‘Double-Halo’ - A First For Prototype Race Cars

Revolution Race Cars has unveiled an innovative ‘double-halo’ for their latest A-One sports prototype racer.

Inspired by the head protection structure mandated in Formula One at the beginning of 2018, Revolution’s version is the first ‘halo’ type structure to be developed for a two-seater sports prototype car.

Exceeding FIA standards

The structure bolts to Revolution’s advanced carbon-fibre monocoque chassis. This is made with an energy-efficient infusion process and was built to accommodate two people comfortably, making the A-One ideal for driver training and corporate driving experiences. Both the ‘double-halo’ and the chassis are compliant with the latest FIA Article 277 safety standards. The ‘double-halo’ is manufactured from 50.8mm diameter ROPT510 seamless tubing, exceeding the FIA minimum diameter requirement by over 12%.

Phil Abbott, Managing Director, Revolution explained: “We designed the A-One to give more elbow room than other prototype racing cars, making it easy to operate both solo and with a passenger aboard. By introducing the ‘double-halo’ we are giving drivers and their instructors or corporate guests the same level of safety they would expect in a world championship type race car.”

The unique ‘double-halo’ gives the Revolution similarly high safety standards to closed-cockpit Le Mans cars but without the complexity of accessibility, door structures and cooling systems that can add unwanted weight.

The ‘double-halo’ is an option for drivers in the Revolution UK Trophy, which runs within the Sports Prototype Cup. As the device replaces the forward longitudinals of the standard FIA-approved roll structure, the net weight increase with the ‘double-halo’ is a mere 2kgs.

Sir Chris Hoy gives his verdict

The device has been tested by several top drivers, including Sir Chris Hoy (pictured below). The Olympian has experience of racing LMP2 cars at Le Mans and commented: “The double-halo gives a real sense of security and still has great visibility. I didn’t even notice it once up to speed.”

He was effusive about the A-One in general, adding: “The Revolution has a smooth power delivery and is very predictable to drive. It’s really well engineered and finished. The quality is apparent in the design and build.”

The opening rounds of the 2020 Revolution Trophy and Sports Prototype Cup are scheduled for May 23rd on Silverstone Grand Prix circuit.

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