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Certified dealers and race teams can subscribe for an annual licence for Life Racing Team Access Software in order to:-


  • Set the real time clock (RTC)
  • During updates or changes the user will be able to program the calibration. A Team viewer session will not be required.  This includes Dash, PDU and ECU Calibrations
  • Access to 'RRCmon' a piece of software that allows the user to check data live via their laptop
  • Function for gearbox oil tempeature (GBOT) 
  • Change pit limit speed
  • Change full course yellow speed
  • Change cooling fan run on times
  • Change injector consumption scaling
  • Set TPS A & B linerisation linearisation

Life Racing Team Access Software Subscription

SKU: 24-140A0
Excluding VAT

    Pricing excludes VAT. UK customers subject to VAT

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