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This is an upgrade kit for a current car. 


This makes the Revolution a true two pedal only car. Like a go-kart, when it's idling the clutch is disengaged. When you get on the throttle pedal at 1,900rpm the clutch starts to engage, and the car pulls off in a controlled and consistent manner.


Anti-stall clutches are dry-running multidisc clutches with an engine-speed dependent contact pressure application. This has many advantages, first and foremost it makes pulling off from a standstill very easy for any level of driver whilst also preventing the engine from stalling during a spin.


Secondly the automatic actuation of the clutch will protect the engine components and drivetrain in a spin, because the clutch will automatically disengage the drivetrain from the engine.


In addition, there is then less wear and tear on the drivetrain, due to consistent engagement of the clutch. The clutch also has a peak rating of 750NM meaning a much longer service life.

Anti-Stall Centrifugal Clutch Upgrade Kit

SKU: 19-130A0
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