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Embarking on a New Journey: Elvis Stojko's Transition from Figure Skating to Race Car Driving

Witness the captivating transformation of Elvis Stojko, a renowned Canadian figure skater, as he navigates a surprising career shift from the ice rink to the thrilling track of Spa Francorchamps, forming a remarkable partnership with Rilli Racing. Known for his illustrious figure skating career that includes three World championships, two Olympic silver medals, and seven Canadian championship titles, Elvis Stojko surprised the world by venturing into the realm of race car driving.

Elvis, a stalwart in figure skating, decided to explore the world of motorsport, seeking a new challenge and adrenaline rush. His eyes were set on prestigious Le Mans Prototype (LMP) racing, and Spa Francorchamps became the venue for his European debut.

The journey began when Elvis, armed with an impressive figure skating resume, chose to embrace a completely different discipline—becoming a gentleman driver in the competitive world of racing, supported by the expertise and camaraderie of Rilli Racing. This decision marked a significant departure from his graceful routines on the ice to the high-speed dynamics of Revolution Race Cars.

Watch Elvis speak about the opportunity and how it came about so fast:-

In collaboration with Rilli Racing, Elvis found not just a team but a family of like-minded individuals who shared his passion for pushing boundaries. Revolution Race Cars, known for its precision engineering and high-performance vehicles, served as a natural stepping stone for Elvis as he embarked on his motorsport adventures, with Rilli Racing providing invaluable support every step of the way.

The sleek machines of Revolution became the canvas for Elvis to paint his new narrative—one that went beyond the elegant jumps and spins of figure skating. As Elvis strapped into the driver's seat, he brought the same dedication, focus, and precision that defined his figure skating performances. The transition wasn't just about swapping skates for racing boots; it was a journey of redefining oneself, pushing personal boundaries, and embracing the raw power of a race car, all made possible through the collaborative efforts of Elvis Stojko and Rilli Racing.

The Spa Francorchamps circuit, with its legendary twists and turns, became the stage where Elvis' story unfolded alongside Rilli Racing. From triple axels to hairpin bends, Stojko showcased his adaptability and determination on a new kind of slippery surface—the asphalt.

Follow Elvis Stojko's remarkable journey with Rilli Racing as he manoeuvres through the challenges of the race track, chasing the dream of making it to the coveted Le Mans. Experience the adrenaline, the triumphs, and the setbacks as Elvis takes on this unexpected chapter in his athletic career, supported by the unwavering commitment of Rilli Racing.

Watch in awe as a figure skater transcends the boundaries of his comfort zone, proving that the spirit of a champion knows no bounds. Elvis Stojko's evolution from the ice rink to the race track, alongside the dynamic partnership with Rilli Racing, is not just a story of a career switch but a testament to the indomitable spirit that propels athletes to conquer new horizons.

Watch the story of qualifying and race one:

And Elvis does it again in race 2, listen to how he prepares and then delivers again:

Watch the full races here:



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