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24-7 Motorsport Joins Forces with Revolution Race Cars

In a ground-breaking move, 24-7 Motorsport has recently inked a significant deal with Revolution Race Cars, marking the inception of the first UK-based factory-certified race team.

This partnership signifies a new chapter for both entities as they look to increase Revolutions footprint in the Sports Prototype Cup and other qualifying series across Europe.

Revolution Race Cars, with its desire to expand the presence of Revolutions in the European racing scene, has strategically sought out the right race teams to run Revolutions in Europe, making 24-7 Motorsport a key player in their vision for growth.


The Ideal Partnership:

What makes this collaboration truly compelling is 24-7 Motorsport's extensive background in racing prototypes, having previously navigated the realms of LMP3 and GT racing. This experience positions them as the ideal partner for Revolution Race Cars, a company that prides itself on bringing cutting-edge technology and top-notch safety standards within reach of the broader motorsport community.

Phill Hurn, the visionary team principal at 24-7 Motorsport, has been on the lookout for a racing series and car that seamlessly bridges the gap between GTs and LMP3. The Revolution, with its LMP technology and cost-effective running costs, emerges as the perfect stepping stone for 24-7 Motorsport and its customers, providing a clear progression path from GT to Le Mans prototype racers.


Aligning Mission and Values:

The collaboration gains further significance as both entities share a common mission – to break down barriers and ensure that innovation and high-quality racing experiences are not confined to the elite. Revolution's commitment to cutting-edge technology aligns seamlessly with 24-7 Motorsport's vision to be the best small team on the grid, promising a fusion of performance, safety, and accessibility.


About 24-7 Motorsport:

Based in Norfolk, 24-7 Motorsport is a highly professional yet approachable motorsport team, priding itself on delivering unparalleled customer service at competitive prices. Led by Phill Hurn, a former factory Lotus motorsport engineer, the team brings over two decades of experience working with leading motorsport manufacturers both in the UK and abroad. Their commitment to customer care and car preparation has led to podium finishes, race wins, and championship titles.


Aims and Commitments:

With Revolution, 24-7 Motorsport aims to fill the void between GTs and LMP3, providing a platform for drivers to progress seamlessly in their racing careers. The Revolution Race Cars factory will provide comprehensive training, and the team will benefit from continuous support, ensuring a smooth transition into the Sports Prototype Cup and other qualifying series across Europe.


As 24-7 Motorsport and Revolution Race Cars join forces, the motorsport community eagerly anticipates the impact of this historic partnership. With a shared commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction, these two entities are poised to make waves in the world of sports prototype racing, providing drivers with an unparalleled racing experience and a clear path to success on the track.



Phill Hurn, 24-7 Motorsport Team Principal commented: “Having followed the Revolution program from the very early days and being lucky enough to even run and lead an early car to a podium finish I’m really excited with the signing of this fantastic deal. The whole team can't wait to work with the guys at Revolution and lead a Revolution to many more Podiums.”

Nigel Redwood, Revolution's Head of Sales & Marketing, shared his excitement with the partnership: "I have been looking for the right teams, that align with our ethos, to join the Revolution family to grow our presence in the Sports Prototype Cup and other European prototype series. I could not have wished for a better fit than what we have found with 24-7 Motorsport and I cannot wait to work closely with them in 2024. Having multiple teams running Revolution on the same grid is an important milestone for Revolution.”


For further information, contact:

  • Nigel Redwood

+44 (0) 7818 047 866


  • Phill Hurn

+44 (0) 1953 789444


Sports Prototype Cup

The Sports Prototype Cup has announced its 2024 calendar, featuring more races than ever for a wider range of lightweight prototypes. The Cup features the crème de la crème of European circuits to ensure an unforgettable and challenging racing experience. The season offers a perfect blend of sprint and endurance races, ample track time, varied formats and options for solo and two-driver entries.

·       12 - 14 Apr : Zandvoort : 2 x 25min races 1 × 40min races

·       31 May - 2 June : Spa Francorchamps : 2 × 60min races

·       22 June : Donington GP : 2 × 30min races

·       21 - 25 Aug : Watkins Glen : 1 × 30 min race 2 × 60 min race

·       13 - 15 Sep : Zandvoort : 2 × 25min races 1 × 40min races

·       25-27 Oct : TT Circuit Assen : 2 × 25min races 1 × 40min races

·       16 - 17 Nov : Le Mans Bugatti : 2 × 20min races 1 × 40min races

NB Watkins Glen is a non-points scoring invitational round.



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