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Bliss Racing

Bliss Racing is the certified Dealer for Revolution Race Cars for North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. The Founder Hans Bliss, has more than 20 years of racing experience and opened Roebling Road Raceway Service Center in Savannah Georgia 3 years ago.

With 18 years experience working in the industry as a design engineer, fabricator, and race mechanic, Bliss Racing’s performance engineer, Sonic, is renowned for his commitment to excellence.

Bliss Racing provide:
- Track day and race support
- Driver development & coaching
- Race car maintenance & repairs
- Arrive and drive services
- Car transportation service


South East USA


Bliss Racing
1055 Roebling Road
GA 31302, USA


+1 (316) 737 4443

+1 (316) 737 4443

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