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Revolution RSR Becomes The First Revolution Agent In The West Coast Of The USA

Revolution RSR becomes the first Revolution agent in the West Coast of the USA

Ron Fletcher, the first USA Revolution A-One customer has formed a high-quality service team with Simon Shepard to become Revolution agents.

Based at The Thermal Club motorsport resort in California, the team have a vast knowledge of ‘the customer experience’ in both track days and race championships across the US and particularly on the West Coast, where they are planning a track day tour to demonstrate the A-One from Los Angeles area to Las Vegas. Dates and venues will be released soon, and two new cars will be arriving in December.

Simon, who has been running Ron’s Radical race cars for many years, introduced him to Revolution back in January 2020 with a test at Portimao in Portugal - this is where the magic happened!

Ron will take delivery of his new Revolution A-One at Portimao and take part in the Revolution race supporting the Portuguese Formula One Grand Prix (23-25 Oct), along with Radical racers Louis Schriber III and Jesse Menczer.

Ron Fletcher says: « I m very excited about the opportunity to share the fun of racing with my friends. Last January I drove the Revolution and that was all it took! The speed, power, down force and smooth handling had me hooked.

Knowing the creator behind this great machine my confidence is high on reliability, speed and fun factor.

The Revolution is a modern rocket ship Race Car. I am so thrilled to be part of the fast growth of the Revolution Race Car has and will achieve. The Revolution is coming do not let the fun pass you by. »

Simon Shepard adds: « we are extremely happy to be starting a new journey with Phil and the Revolution team, there are many familiar faces at the company and it feels to be apart of it. What they have achieved in a small space of time is a real testament to their experience and workmanship, the car is a proper modern race car built with the driver and mechanic in mind from day one. These guys at Revolution are one of the last manufacturers building a 2-seat open cockpit car with the added safety of a carbon tub and halo device. This classic design and reliable engine package was a massive draw for me, we all race to enjoy ourselves and having a reliable and safe package is key for me. »

Revolution Sales Director/ co-founder Romain Rousseaux said, “We are very much looking forward to see Ron race for the first time in his Revolution at Portimao. Simon’s background and skills in car preparation and motorsport together with Ron’s fame as a driver, customer and enthusiast at both Spring Mountain and as a Thermal member give an amazing foundation for the new enterprise and they have many potential new customers booking test drives.”

Revolution CEO Phil Abbott says, “Simon was my number 1 mechanic at Radical, preparing my own race car and doing development together. When there was a need to support stateside customers, I asked him to take a short trip to the US to help out the busy guys at Spring Mountain. He has achieved a good deal more than helping out after 15 plus years and a growing family later! He has a huge knowledge of servicing the track day and racing customers and I know he will look after our cars and customers very well.”

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