July 1, 2022

Impressions Zandvoort & Silverstone

Impressions Zandvoort & Silverstone

01 July 2022

Costa del Zandvoort

A race weekend with hail and sunshine.
Under extreme weather conditions, drivers and crew delivered exciting races with spectacular duels.

The cars of the Revolution class of the Sports Prototype Cup took the first five places of the starting field of 31 cars in total, which included a colorful mix of prototypes such as Radicals and high-performance GT3 cars.

Race one
The top three overall

1) Alain Costa Revolution A-One 500SC
2) James Abbott Revolution A-One 427
3) Richard Morris Revolution A-One 500SC

Race two
The first three overall

1) Richard Morris Revolution A-One 500SC
2) James Abbott Revolution A-One 427
3) Gregg Gorski Revolution A-One 500SC

Silverstone GP

Silverstone was the venue for the second event of the 2022 Sports Prototype Cup with two 20-minute sprint races on the full Grand Prix circuit.

James Abbott's Revolution dominated race day with a pole position and two wins, demonstrating the Revolution A-One 500SC's capabilities in the crowded open-wheel Zeo class. Abbott led Matt Manderson's Radical SR8 and Clark's RXC on his way to a one-two victory. Abbott's fastest lap also meant winning the B.R.M. Speed Award.  

Race One
The top three overall

1)James Abbott (Revolution A-One 500SC)
2)Michael Clark (Radical RXC
3)Richard Morris (Revolution A-One 500SC)

Race Two
The first three overall

1) James Abbott (Revolution A-One 500SC)
2) Michael Clark (Radical RXC)
3) Richard Morris (Revolution A-One 500SC)

Hungry for more?
This month, the Sports Prototype Cup makes a stop at Spa Francorchamps. Two one-hour races will be held there on July 16 and 17, with qualifying taking place on Friday.