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Car Chat Podcast : Nigel Redwood Speaks to Sam Moores

The Car Chat Podcast features regular interviews with familiar and interesting faces from the automotive world and is hosted by Sam Moores. This week our Head of Sales & Marketing spoke to Sam about all things Revolution Race Cars.

Podcast overview

After a successful career in the business world and an extensive background in racing Nigel Redwood joined Revolution Race Cars as Head of Sales & Marketing to help sell the rapid track weapons. We have a dig into his journey and also the nitty gritty details of the A-One 500SC and A-One 427 including what it's like to drive these cars.

Show Notes:

00:00 - Intro

06:05 - Aerodynamics while cornering

08:59 - What are they like to drive?

15:51 - Longevity and design

25:22 - Selling to the USA

28:14 - Revolution vs Radical

32:53 - Carbon Tub & Safety

41:05 - Racing at Laguna Seca

45:41 - Evolution of the Revolution

55:56 - Future of Revolution

58:50 - Nigel’s background

1:01:31 - 5 Questions

It can also be watched on you tube below:-



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